The Ultimate Fighter: China Cast Revealed

TUF China Logo

The UFC’s quest for global expansion continues with the Ultimate Fighter: China, in hopes that the show will bring more exposure to mixed martial arts in the most populated country in the world. It was originally thought that UFC middleweight fighter and movie star, Cung Le, would be one of the individual coaches, but now it seems he will take the ‘Dana White’ role of the show. Today the UFC announced the names of the sixteen fighters that will compete on the show, but the coaches have yet to be named. The first episode will air on December 7th at 10 PM (Chinese local time).

The cast will include:

  • Albert Cheng  (2-2)
  • Allen Chong  (0-2)
  • Dong Xin  (3-0)
  • Fu Chang Xin  (0-0)
  • He Jian Wei  (6-3)
  • Li Jin Ying  (0-0)
  • Li Jun Han  (3-0)
  • Ning Guang You  (3-2)
  • Shih Liang  (1-0)
  • Wang Anying  (2-0)
  • Wang Sai  (6-4)
  • Wu Qize  (1-0)
  • Yang Jian Ping  (6-3)
  • Yao Zhi Kui  (1-1)
  • Zhang Lipeng  (6-7)
  • Zhu Qingxiang  (0-0)

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